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thriveinmylife's podcast

Let's be inspired, share tools, resources and ideas to support our professional and personal lives. We support women to thrive. Interviews, mentorship, life, career, and business advice. 

Mar 2, 2018

This episode: We help you to understand your blocks around money, why we fear or avoid our challenges in managing finances. We address specific challenges as related to being women, parents, and spouses and how business ownership impacts money management, especially when dealing with emotions and decisions.

Karen is...

Apr 19, 2017


Leyla is a Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker. She is known for her high energy, sense of humor and for her unique delivery that combines unapologetic honesty with kindness.

As a Product Business Strategist, and creator of the P.O.N.D program for business success, she works with purpose-driven product-based...

Jun 20, 2016

Leadership involves being able to tackle new situations and deal with failure, because we don’t always lead others into the known. If your burning desire is to maintain the status quo, go ahead and stick with the safe. But if you want to move the world or even better your organization, you need know how to navigate...

Jun 6, 2016

Episode 7 - Making friends with Money with Karen Collacut 

Leigh Mitchell of Women in Biz Network and Thrive Consulting interviews Karen about struggles with money mindset and how to find peace and prosperity with the relationship one has to their finances and small business risks.


Karen Collacutt, CFP®,...

Apr 16, 2016

Jessica Kline is on a mission to support and empower women in the motorsports industry. In 2012, she created Backwoods Promotions, Canada’s only marketing agency that specializes in motorsports event staffing. Since this time, Jessica has grown the company, and worked closely with a number of corporate...